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Starting December 18th Amtrak will begin using a route that passes near our campus crossing 100th Street & Steilacoom Boulevard. These trains may be traveling up to 79 miles per hour - Do not walk on or near the tracks - Do not stop your vehicle on the tracks while waiting for traffic - Obey signals at all times.
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Access My Email Account

Accessing your mailbox requires a username and password.

Your username is composed of your last name (in lowercase letters) as recorded in the Registrar's office, and the last four digits of your CPTC Student ID number (not your social security number), followed by ""

Your default password is your date of birth as recorded in the Registrar's office. Enter your date of birth as year, month, day, like this: YYYYMMDD. For example, if your date of birth is July 17 1980, your password would be 19800717. We recommend you change your password as soon as possible to prevent misuse of your account.

Google has recently reset their password requirements, which impacted some of our student accounts. If you're experiencing login issues, you may need to use the following password format: 19YYMMDD.

If you experience difficulty logging in, please check your records to verify that your last name and date of birth as recorded with the Registrar's office are accurate.

If you did not provide your date of birth when you registered, your password will be set to "080101."

For example, if a student named George Washington born of February 22, 1973, had an SID of 974-12-3456, then his logon would be:


Password: 19730222

We recommend unchecking the stay signed in option. Activating this option allows anyone using that computer to access your username.