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Find the degree or certificate that will change your life.

Whether you want to begin your career or enhance your existing professional skills, change directions with a new career or continue your education by transferring to another college or university, the education and hands-on training you receive at CPTC will get you where you want to be.

Certificates at CPTC

Program certificates are a great way to get your foot in the door in a new industry or to advance your skill levels and stay current with industry standards. Most of our programs offer short-term certificates, many of which can be completed in one year or less.

Degrees at CPTC

The Bachelor of Applied Science in Manufacturing Operations (BASMO) degree is awarded for completion of at least 90 credits of appropriate 300 and 400 level coursework. An applied associate degree (AAS or equivalent) in a manufacturing-related field with the required distribution of academic core coursework in written communication, quantitative reasoning, social science, and humanities is a prerequisite for program admission. Other program admission requirements can be found online.

The Associate of Applied Technology (AAT) degree is awarded to students who complete programs that are 90 credits or more in length and include a core of 15 college-level academic credits. The bulk of the credits are in specific career/technical fields. The required general education courses in communication, quantitative reasoning and social sciences are designed to prepare students for work.

The Associate in Applied Science - Transfer (AAS-T) degree is also a workforce degree with a core of general education courses. The difference is that the AAS-T degree requires a minimum of 20 credits of general education courses commonly accepted in transfer, including a minimum of five credits in English composition, five credits in quantitative reasoning, and five in social science, humanities, or science. 

The Associate in Pre-Nursing (DTA/MRP) and the Associate of Applied Technology (DTA/MRP) are degrees awarded by Clover Park Technical College to students who have completed specified curriculum with the intent of transferring to one of Washington’s four-year institutions. Direct Transfer Agreement/Major Related Pathway (DTA/MRP) degrees prepare students with general education requirements necessary to pursue further study. They do not alter the admission criteria established by the baccalaureate institution, nor do they guarantee admission to the institution. Students should contact an advisor at the potential transfer institution regarding their interests and specific course choices.

List of Degrees & Certificates

These are all the degrees and certificates we offer at CPTC. If you know what you want to study but don't know the name of the degree or certificate, try browsing our program pages.


Accounting Degree (AAT or AAS-T)
Architectural Engineering Design Degree (AAT or AAS-T)
Associate in Pre-Nursing Degree (DTA/MRP)
Associate in Technology Degree (DTA/MRP)
Automotive Collision Technician Degree (AAT)
Automotive Technician Degree (AAT)
Automotive Technician Hybrid & Alternative Fuel Vehicle Technician Degree (AAT or AAS-T)
Aviation Maintenance Technician Degree (AAT or AAS-T)
Bachelor of Applied Science in Manufacturing Operations
Computer Information Technology Degree (AAS-T)
Computer Information Technology Degree (AAT)
Computer Networking & Information Systems Security Degree (AAT or AAS-T)
Cosmetology Degree (AAT)
Culinary Arts Degree (AAT or AAS-T)
Dental Assistant Degree (AAT)
Early Care & Education Degree (AAT or AAS-T)
Electrician Low Voltage Fire/Security Degree (AAT)
Environmental Sciences & Technology Degree (AAT or AAS-T)
Esthetic Sciences Degree (AAT)
Graphic Technologies Degree (AAT or AAS-T)
Heating & Air Conditioning/Refrigeration Service Technician (AAT)
Human Services Degree (AAT or AAS-T)
Interior Design Degree (AAT or AAS-T)
Manufacturing Technologies Degree (AAT)
Massage Studies Degree (AAT)
Material Science: Composites Degree (AAT or AAS-T)
Material Science: Nondestructive Testing Degree (AAT or AAS-T)
Mechatronics Technician Degree (AAS-T)
Medical Histology Technician Degree (AAT or AAS-T)
Medical Laboratory Technician Degree (AAT)
Nursing: RN Option Degree (Associate Degree in Nursing or AAS-T)
Pastry Arts Degree (AAT or AAS-T)
Pharmacy Technician Degree (AAT)
Professional Pilot Degree (AAT or AAS-T)
Retail Business Management Degree (AAT)
Surgical Technology Degree (AAT)
Sustainable Building Science Degree (AAS-T)
Welding Technology Degree (AAT or AAS-T)


Accounting: Bookkeeping Clerk Certificate
Architectural CAD Drafting Certificate
Automotive Collision: Refinishing Technician Certificate
Automotive Collision: Structure Repair Technician Certificate
Automotive Restoration/Customization - Finishing Certificate
Automotive Drive Train Technician Certificate
Automotive Tech: Electrical, Electronics and AC/Heating Technician Certificate
Automotive Tech: Engine Repair & Engine Performance Technician Certificate
Automotive Technician: Ford Maintenance & Light Repair Certificate
Automotive Technician: Automotive Front End & Brakes Technician Certificate
Automotive Technician: Hybrid & Alternative Fuel Vehicle Technician Certificate
Aviation Maintenance: Airframe Maintenance Technician Certificate
Aviation Maintenance: Powerplant Maintenance Technician Certificate
Central Service/Sterile Processing Certificate
Computer Information Technology: .Net Developer Certificate
Computer Networking: Cisco Network Design & Security Certificate
Computer Networking: Computer & Communications Security Certificate
Computer Networking & Information System Security Professional Certificate
Culinary Arts: Basic Cooking Skills Certificate
Culinary Arts: Restaurant Management Certificate
Dental Assistant Certificate
Early Care & Education: Early Childhood Foundation Certificate
Early Care & Education: Early Childhood Leadership Certificate
Early Care & Education: Early Childhood Specialist Certificate
Early Care & Education: Creating a Green Classroom Certificate
Early Care & Education: School-Age Out-of-School Program Certificate
Early Care & Education: Special Needs Certificate
Early Care & Education: Sustaining a Green Program Certificate
Electrician Low Voltage Fire/Security Certificate
HVAC: Basic HVAC/Refrigeration Service Technician Certificate
Health Unit Coordinator Certificate
Hemodialysis Technician Certificate
Human Services: Chemical Dependency Specialist Certificate
Interior Design: Sustainable Interior Design Certificate
Interior Design: Kitchen & Bath Certificate
Manufacturing Technologies: Machinist Apprentice Certificate
Manufacturing Technologies: CNC Programmer/CATIA Certificate
Manufacturing Technologies: Machinist Helper Certificate
Massage: Clinical Massage Practitioner Certificate
Massage: Swedish Practitioner Certificate
Material Science: Advanced Composites Manufacturing Certificate
Material Science: Eddy Current Testing Certificate
Material Science: Magnetic Particle & Liquid Penetrant Testing Certificate
Material Science: Quality Assurance Certificate
Material Science: Radiographic Testing Certificate
Material Science: Ultrasonic Testing Certificate
Medical Assistant Certificate
Nursing: Nursing Assistant Certificate
Nursing Assistant Certificate (I-Best)
Nursing: Practical Nursing Certificate
Pastry Arts Certificate
Pharmacy Technician Certificate
Professional Pilot: Commercial Pilot Certificate
Professional Pilot: Flight Instructor Certificate
Professional Pilot: Instrument Pilot Certificate
Professional Pilot: Private Pilot Certificate
Retail Management Certificate
Sustainable Building Science: Construction-Residential Certificate
Welding: Basic Welding Certificate
Welding: Flux Cored Arc Welding Certificate
Welding: Gas Metal Arc Welding Certificate
Welding: Gas Tungsten Arc Welding Certificate
Welding: Shielded Arc Welding Certificate
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