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Curriculum Committee

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Clover Park Technical College Curriculum Committee to: review instructional issues, approve curricular offerings of the College, and make recommendations as to compliance with the vision mission, and goals of the college thereby preserving institutional integrity.


  • ASG Student Representative
  • Doug Ammons
  • Trisha Autry
  • Michelle Barre
  • Michael Bowman
  • Lisa Colombini-Hyke
  • Lara Cooper
  • Kristy Crosby (non-voting)
  • LiLi Cutler (non-voting)
  • Loren Davis
  • Chris DeLaney (non-voting)
  • Mabel Edmonds
  • Jim Gordon
  • Myra Griffin
  • Michelle Hillesland
  • ​Wendy Joseph
  • Dean Kelly
  • Claire Korschinowski
  • Dr. Joyce Loveday
  • Kelley Meeusen
  • Cindy Mowry
  • Laura Ott
  • Hilda Santacruz (non-voting)
  • Melissa Siedlicki
  • Tanya Sorenson
  • ​Don Souza
  • Carrie Van Beek
  • Mike Wheeler


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