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Meet Sharon Kinberg

Sharon Kinberg in Office

What initially attracted you to Clover Park Technical College?

The reputation that Clover Park Technical College has speaks for itself. CPTC has supplied the workforce with some of the most skilled and talented employees since opening its doors in 1942. It is a common occurrence where I spark up a conversation with someone, and they reveal that they received their education at CPTC, whether it is in a doctor’s office, or salon, CPTC alumni are eager to talk about their memorable educational experience. It is these encounters with the public that left me with a highly favorable impression of this institution.

What would you say to someone who is considering a job at Clover Park Technical College?

I would say that you are considering much more than just a job here at Clover Park Technical College. Everyone on this campus contributes to the overall mission. You would be joining a campus community that is committed to the growth of our institution, workforce preparation, student success, and institutional excellence.

What benefit or perk of working at Clover Park Technical College do you like the most?

Working at a technical college certainly has its perks with the services that students provide here on campus. There is the Rainier Room restaurant, automotive repair, salon services, massage therapy, and of course, my favorite, Bon Sucre Bistro. These are student-run services that are offered at an amazing price. It is a great way to support students, and also experience the different types of trainings available at Clover Park Technical College.