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Accelerated English (AE)

What Is Accelerated English?

The Accelerated English (AE) is designed for those who need or want to complete English 94 and English 101 in the same quarter. This program allows for a unique relationship in which students can help their fellow students not only succeed, but also advance in their education.

Who Should Consider Accelerated English?

  • Students who need to complete their ENG credits in order to begin their program of study
  • Students who are confident in their English skills and want a faster pathway
  • Students whose COMPASS Reading score placed them in ENG 101, but their Writing score placed them in ENG 94
  • Students who are interested in being involved in this opportunity.

See descriptions under ENG 94 and ENG 101. Course permission required to enter these classes.  You must enroll in one ENG 101 either 0527 or 0530 AND ENG 94 5W45. Please call (253-589-5744) or visit Kathi Medcalf in Bldg. 10 room 102 for permission codes. Credits: 10